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New 'Small Business Tools' on website!

In keeping with MTA Queensland’s commitment to provide more member benefits we are launching a ‘Small Business Tools’ resource section on our website. This area provides templates and tools developed by The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, which are designed to help your small business grow.

Our new resource section includes links to guides and templates for a:

- Business Plan;
- Marketing Plan; 
- Social Media Plan; 
- Emergency Management Plan; 
- Succession Plan; and 
- Financial Ratios (including start-up costing, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and financial ratios - sales calculators, profit ratios, liquidity ratios, finance ratios and efficiency ratios).  

So what are the benefits of having a social media plan for your business?

Social media has huge benefits to help you grow your business. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram can be used to:  

1. Gain valuable customer insights. Social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers—who they are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand. Through daily active engagement and social listening, you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions.  

2. Increase brand awareness and loyalty. When you have a presence on social media, you make it easier for your customers to find and connect with you. By connecting with your customers on social media, you’re more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.  

3. Run targeted ads with real-time results. Social media ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. They also offer powerful targeting options so that you can reach the right audience. For example, if you run an ad campaign on Facebook you can target your post to specific locations, gender, demographics and interests.  

4. Generate higher converting leads. Social media increases sales and customer retention through regular interaction and timely customer service.  

5. Provide rich customer experiences. Even if you aren’t on social media, most of your customers expect you to be. Over 67 percent of consumers now go to social media for customer service. They expect fast response times and 24/7 support.  

6. Increase website traffic and search ranking. One of the biggest benefits of social media for business is using it to increase your website traffic. Not only does social media help you direct people to your website, but the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be.  

7. Find out what your competitors are doing.  With social media monitoring you can gain key information about your competitors. This will allow you to make strategic business decisions to stay ahead.  

8. Share content faster and easier.  In the past, marketers faced the challenge of ensuring their content reached customers in the shortest possible time. With the help of social media, specifically when it comes to sharing content about your business, all you need to do is share it on your brand’s social media accounts.  

9. Geo-target content.  Geo-targeting is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience based on their location. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience.  

10. Build relationships. Social media is a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers. This kind of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising cannot achieve.

Visit our website to find the new “small business tools” resource kit.

There is also a Queensland government “Small Business Digital Grants Program” available to assist small businesses access digital technologies and services. The next rounds will open in March and June 2017.   

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