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MTA Queensland’s CARMAGEDDON: An innovation revolution is coming our way!
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MTA Queensland’s CARMAGEDDON: An innovation revolution is coming our way!

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February 2017:

Carmageddon is coming and the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) believes it is imperative that the automotive industry is aware that the greatest level of disruptive technology, since the inception of cars, is fast approaching.

On March 7th 2017, MTA Queensland, the peak body representing the interests of employers in the retail, service and repair sectors of Queensland’s automotive industry will host Carmageddon, a one-day automotive innovation symposium. The theme is ‘Innovate or Detonate’ symbolising the concept that we need to consider the technological advances and the opportunities they present, as either start-ups or existing Queensland automotive businesses.

The event is being opened by the Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy & Minister for Small Business, the Honourable Leeanne Enoch, and guests will collaborate at the highest level around the implications and opportunities these technological advancements will bring.

Held at MTA Queensland’s Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence at Eight Mile Plains, MTA Queensland anticipate representatives from the highest levels of Industry, Government and Academia will attend the symposium to contemplate this revolution.   

Dr Brett Dale, Group CEO for MTA Queensland has stressed the importance of automotive businesses being aware of rapidly evolving technology that is fast making its way into the lives of motoring consumers.

“Carmageddon will highlight the technical phenomena that is inbound to help prepare Queensland’s automotive industry for the next decade of change. Some of these changes include driverless technology; vehicle automation; artificial intelligence; vehicle to vehicle communication; vehicle to infrastructure communication; zero emissions through fuel cell technology; pre-collision technology, car and component 3D printing and contact lens technology designed to recharge electric cars, to name a few.

“The age of electric vehicles is well on its way globally and with autonomous vehicles looking to take prominence over the next decade the impact that this will have on the way we commute and in turn the way businesses will operate within the industry will be substantial,” said Dr Dale.

MTA Queensland intends to follow the Carmageddon symposium with an event that informs and supports businesses so that they can successfully transition to a new business model that is conducive to this innovation revolution.

January 2017:

The age of futuristic cars is fast approaching, and with it, an onslaught of evolving technology that will change the way society commutes forever. Technology that already exists is now making its way into the lives of motoring consumers, including; driverless intelligence, collision avoidance capability, contact lens energy technology, electric cars and much more.

Cars will be built with the technology to communicate vehicle-to-vehicle (otherwise known as V2V). These vehicles will be designed to warn drivers about potential dangers, make split second decision and communicate to the driver, other vehicles, and eventually autonomous cars will identify all types of potential risk and more. In addition, they will communicate with the world around them using technology known as vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2I). This technology will enable vehicles to send data to smart infrastructure resulting in more efficient traffic movement, accident awareness, altering speed limits and regulating traffic lights as needed.

But, the future of cars cannot be considered without noting the impressive impact electric cars have and will make on society. And this means some joy or despair, the age of diesel may soon come to an end. Plans are already well underway, in high profiled areas such as Paris and Mexico City, to ban all diesel vehicles by 2025. In fact, Norway plans for its two largest cities to set up zero-emission zones, exiling all gasoline run engines from sections of the city.

So, with diesel and fuel vehicles likely to make a slow exit and electric cars swiftly building in popularity we can soon look forward to charging our vehicles mid-journey. This could be as simple as charging vehicles when stopped at traffic lights or when parked using remote powered coils. Unsurprisingly, this will mean new charges for driving. Instead of a petrol tax, we might expect the future to include tolls for distance travelled, taking into consideration the size of vehicles, and peak travel periods.

So how can industry prepare? These changes are knocking on consumer’s doors, and although exciting, they can also be overwhelming for businesses to prepare for. Join us at the Carmageddon Symposium to brain storm the implications to business and how industry might move quickly to seize opportunities. This one-day forum will be held Tuesday 7 March and we anticipate government representation at the highest level,industry leaders renowned for innovation and relevant theorists from academia.

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