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MTA Queensland announces Automotive Innovation Hub

On Tuesday 7th March, the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) hosted one of the most innovative events on Queensland’s automotive calendar. ‘Carmageddon’ was a one-day symposium that brought together experts from industry, government and academia. The term ‘Carmageddon’ was coined to capture the theme of the forum - time to innovate or detonate!

A significant strategic outcome from Carmageddon was that MTA Queensland would initiate Queensland’s first automotive innovation hub designed to assist startups or help existing businesses transition for new business models. The symposium highlighted that we are facing/about to face the biggest disruptors to the automotive sector seen since the inception of cars.

This age of digital disruption is resulting in an innovation revolution across many sectors, but none more so than in the automotive industry and with that comes an enormous opportunity for business and jobs in Queensland.

To that end, MTA Queensland has commenced the planning for the first automotive innovation hub in Queensland within our state-of-the-art premises located at Eight Mile Plains. In May, MTA Queensland welcomed 3D Space Labs (3DSL) to the hub with their new-world solutions for industry professionals to improve their design workflows through 3D scanning and printing.

MTA Queensland is currently collaborating with automotive innovators from the Queensland Government to map the future of autonomous vehicles by discussing trials for their operation in Queensland.

Working closely with Australia’s only fully government-backed innovation hub, Fire Station 101 in Ipswich, MTA Queensland is actively on the front foot for driving the innovation agenda to develop digital ideas and skills and turn them into new businesses and jobs.

Dr Brett Dale, Group CEO of MTA Queensland said, “The inclusion of 3DSL onsite at MTA Queensland represents and introduces world class auto-innovation to our industry.

“MTA Queensland is incredibly excited to offer innovative solutions to automotive businesses and the addition of 3DSL to our organisation's venue marks a significant shift in our forward-thinking approach.

“We realised that we needed to create a hub for automotive entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into reality. This will have a massive impact both locally and further afield, whilst also building capability for new-world training at the MTA Institute, our on-site registered training organisation.

“The innovation hub will engage across all automotive sectors with opportunities for mentors, investors, commercial partners and volunteers, and ultimately provide commercial digital solutions and cutting-edge concepts for our entire industry.

“MTA Queensland will deliver more Carmageddon events, with the next forum on Wednesday 12th July designed to provide insight and assist automotive businesses to make necessary changes to their business models to be able to capitalise on the impending automotive disruptors.”

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