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Introducing the MTAQ Professional Circle… a new concept that encompasses, above all, professionalism.

The Motor Trades Association of Queensland has been respected by business, Government and the vehicle owning public since the association’s inception in 1929.

Now, in our globally connected environment, the critical factors of ‘trust’ and ‘professionalism’ are more important than ever.

We proudly announce that in 2016, MTA Queensland established a new level of connection for all stakeholders in the motor trades.

2016 saw the Professional Circle reaffirm MTA Queensland’s position as Queensland’s leading motor trades industry body, increase membership, increase training uptake and increase consumer trust and engagement.

The Professional Circle represents the benchmark of industry standards that MTA Queensland provides… Advocacy… Services… Training… Support… and Innovation.

During 2016, new initiatives were introduced aiming to boost the brand values of the Professional Circle with benefits for MTA Queensland Members, training clients of MTA Institute, and the vehicle owning general public.

MTA Queensland and MTA Institute will have a whole new level of digital connectivity… spanning a wide range of online channels including Social Media and new websites.

The MTAQ Professional Circle is the benchmark of industry standards

Being ‘inside the Circle’ is every MTAQ Member’s proof of professionalism.

Kellie Dewar
General Manager

Within the context of all the motor trades in Queensland, there is a wide variety of business types, sizes and capabilities. For consumers – the customers of motor trades businesses being provided with real professionalism in their dealings is what makes the difference between satisfaction or otherwise. Consumers want professionalism, and they look for it.

That’s where the MTA Queensland Professional Circle plays its part!

The Professional Circle makes a clear distinction between MTA Queensland Members who are ‘inside’ the Circle… and non-members who are ‘outside’ the Circle. Being inside the Circle is ‘proof of professionalism’ for every MTA Queensland Member, and lets the consumer who is seeking a professional to deal with, know that they will find it with an MTA Queensland Member.

MTAQ Membership provides incomparable value with its range of advocacy, services, training, support and global training perspective.

For MTA Queensland Members, being inside the Professional Circle means three thing:

  1. It is a guarantee of receiving a wide range of invaluable services and benefits.
  2. It means Members embrace a new code, The 10 Commitments to the Professional Circle, that ensures satisfaction for their customers.
  3. It provides a Certified 10/10 Professional Member status… proof of professionalism to all consumers.
MTA Institute puts its training graduates right inside the Professional Circle of the motor trades.

Paul Kulpa
General Manager
Training Operations

MTA Institute (MTAI), as the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of Queensland’s leading motor trades industry body, incorporates all the brand values inherent in the MTA Queensland Professional Circle.

Training is one of the 5 key aspects of the Circle… Advocacy, Services, Training, Support and Global… and is fundamental to fostering the development of the next generation of automotive professionals.

For MTA Queensland Members, using MTA Institute for training is a seamless continuation of the value of being in the Professional Circle. For other motor trades clients, who recognise the quality and effectiveness of MTA Institute training, it is a chance to experience for themselves, through training, the high standards that come with the Professional Circle… and how their staff and businesses benefit from the outcome.

MTA Institute delivers the right training, in the right place, in the right way… that’s what being in the Professional Circle is all about.

MTA Group

MTA Queensland is the peak body representing the interests of employers in the retail, service and repair sectors of Queensland’s automotive industry.

MTA Institute (RTO No. 31529) is the largest private provider of automotive apprenticeships and training in Queensland.

MTAiQ, Australia’s first automotive innovation hub, is a facility offering an eco-system that supports innovation in the motor trades.

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