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September Industry News

Updated 27 September 2017

Technology risk in insurance: why carriers can't stay stationary for long - Sep 25

The growth of the usage-based motor insurance (UBI) market has typified the technological opportunities and threats experienced by insurers in recent years. Yet even those that have stolen an apparent march over competitors won’t be able to sit on their laurels as the market continues to evolve.

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Airbag recall to become compulsory - 26 Sept

Recalls for Takata's defective airbags have been progressing slowly, but the federal government has said the recall/replacement will become compulsory for all affected cars. 

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End of the road for the auto industry? Yes and no - 26 Sept

The closure of General Motors Holden (GMH) and the collapse of a significant part of its supply chain mark the end of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry. We might still make automotive parts but we won’t make cars, at least not for the time being.

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Transport as a service: Self-driving cars could change your life within six years - 26 Sept

"We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest disruption in transportation history" says Tony Seba. 

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China creating an opening for electric carmaker Tesla - 26 Sept

China is considering relaxing rules requiring foreign carmakers to have a local partner, a move that could pave the way for Tesla to manufacture vehicles in the country. 

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Self-driving cars could dramatically reduce the road toll - 26 Sept

Removing humans from the 'driving equation' would save lives and dramatically reduce the costs associated with car accidents. 

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Best cars for 2017 - 26 Sept

When it comes to your next vehicle purchase 'daunting' and 'overwhelming' are apt descriptions in the decision-making process. 

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Car rental market to invest in innovation to deliver profitable business according to new research report - 26 Sept

Car rental is a service in which cars are provided on rent to people who do not have access to their own cars, so that they can gain access to a car especially while travelling or during repair. 

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How more self-driving cars could make traffic worse and cost us more money - Sept 25

In a potential hitch to the rapidly approaching utopian future where everybody shares self-driving cars, a new study shows most Australians just don't want to do it -- and it's an attitude that could end up costing us more money.

Dealers squeezed by the car manufacturers at consumers' expense - Sept 19 

Car manufacturers need to step up to meet their consumer guarantee obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and stop putting the squeeze on dealers through dealer agreements, policies and procedures.

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GM to recall 2.5mn vehicles in China over Takata airbags - Sept 18

Beijing (AFP) - General Motors will recall more than 2.5 million vehicles in China over concerns about airbags made by troubled Japanese giant Takata, Chinese authorities said, dealing a blow to the US automaker in the world's largest car market.

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Good times to continue for car industry until 2021 - Sept 18

There's good news today for those in the new car sales industry - sales should increase even further over the next four years. 

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Autonomous technology can improve safety - Sept 18

Navistar International chairman and CEO Troy Clarke made a case of autonomous vehicle (AV) regulation at a US Senate Committee hearing recently.

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Carmakers - Trust us on autonomous cars - Sept 18

Germany's biggest car-makers have called for road users to trust them when it comes to the development of self-driving cars. 

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Audi, Benz steer away from Tesla's autonomy approach - Sept 18

All eyes are on the safety of emerging autonomous car technology after a recent NTSB investigation.

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Mini envisions autonomous driving for race tracks - Sept 18

Mini admits that autonomous driving technology in its traditional sense does not make a whole lot of sense for the young and sporty brand, however, it foresees a future where the artificial intelligence in its cars can be used to showcase the full sporty potential of its vehicles. 

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Research report explores the self-drive car rental industry - Sept 18

The Global self-drive car rental industry report 2017 in a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the self-drive car rental industry.

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40 Years Ago - Petrol Price up by 1.47c a Litre - Sept 13

The Queensland Motor Traders Association secretary said the increases were likely to apply as new supplies were received at service stations. 

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Jeep, Chrysler vehicles recalled over Alternator woes - Sept 12

Another recall of vehicles from the Fiat Chrysler stable today with word more than 9,500 Chrysler and Jeep vehicles could have a possibly dangerous electronic syste, fault. 

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Audi's self driving concept gets almost 500 miles on a single charge - Sept 11

The German automaker has been actively testing self-driving cars all around the world and at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, it is presenting the Audi Aicon. 

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Updated VINs for Mazda cars affected by Takata Recalls - Sept 8

Mazda updates airbag recall info for three models.

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AAA welcomes new heads to road safety inquiry - Sept 8

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) applauds the appointment of two new heads to the National Road Safety Strategy inquiry. 

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Eight things you need to know about the 2018 Nissan Leaf - Sept 6

The 2018 Nissan Leaf was just revealed to the world and here eight important things you should know about this next-generation electric vehicle. 

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The end of the combustion engine - Aug 23

Of the 1,145,024 new cars sold in Australia last year, a mere 2019 were electric and 12,625 hybrid. 

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How do you choose a trustworthy automotive business? - Aug 30

The Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) is proud to showcase the reliability of their members through the Professional Circle; a symbol introduced in 2016 which represent 'proof of professionalism' in the Queensland automotive industry. 

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Vehicle friendly highway to begin in Cairns - Aug 30 

The future of Queensland motoring is well under way and it's electric. Environment Minister and Acting Main Roads Minister, Steven Miles has begun rolling out the first of many fast-charging electric electric vehicle stations beginning in Cairns and extending throughout Queensland locations as far south as Gold Coast. 

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Honda Proposes settling Takata air bag claims for US$605 million - Sept 4

Honda Motor proposes to pay US$605 million to settle US customers' claims for compensation for out-of-pocket losses related to recalls of Takata air bags. 

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Jaguar reveals the steering wheel of the future - 4 Sept

The steering wheel of the future might be the only part of a new car that you own. 

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Connected car tech to curb Aussie parking pain - 4 Sept

Australians spend on average 14 hours a year in search of an elusive perfect parking space, new research for HERE Technologies has shown.

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Australia new vehicle sales reach record for August - 5 Sept

Australian new vehicle market enjoyed a fourth straight month of record sales in August, a sign consumer spending was holding up across the economy despite sluggish wage growth. 

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Sydney tunnels, stacks, electric vehicles and driverless cars - considerations for property buyers - 5 Sept

While a lot happened in Sydney's property market during Q2 2017, nothing had greater ramifications for for so many suburbs than fresh controversies erupting over toll roads, at the same time as the entire future of the car comes into question.

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Safety first, then self-driving cars - 5 Sept

Truly autonomous vehicles that roam the streets unaided, collecting and depositing passengers on command, might be many years away, but the component technologies are already being deployed in production vehicles and will progressively make driving easier and safer, according to vehicle electronics systems manufacturer Robert Bosch.

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