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May Industry News

Updated 14 May 2018

The contrast between Tesla and the rest of the auto industry is terrifying - May 20

Optimism and scepticism about Tesla’s future are in an all-out war. Those who are bullish on the 15-year-old maker of sexy all-electric cars are doubling down on their bullishness and support for CEO Elon Musk.

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Queensland told to get ready for flying cars - May 19

Shark Tank star Steve Baxter has told the Myriad Festival in Brisbane that flying cars will happen and could be in Australia within a decade.

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The real reason we get freaked out by self-driving car accidents - May 19

It's hard to dispute the upside to autonomous vehicles. Fewer accidents. Fewer deaths and injuries. No more worries about speeding or people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Increased accessibility to affordable transportation in communities that need it most.

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Learn Automotive skills at workshops - May 9

MTA institute will help show the younger generation the possibilities and opportunities that an automotive career can deliver when it hosts its new Auto Camp program in the upcoming school holidays.

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We asked people if they would trust driverless cars - May 14

We’re promised a future with driverless cars on our roads, but do people really trust the technology to take us safely on journeys?

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Life after Australian manufacturing - May 13

This month marks half a decade since the beginning of the end of Australia’s long and proud car manufacturing industry.

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Myriad Air lands in Queensland ahead of Myriad Festival 2018 - May 14

A planeload of the globe’s most acclaimed innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have touched down in Brisbane on the chartered Myriad Air flight from Silicon Valley ahead of Queensland’s largest ever innovation festival this week.

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Google Autonomous Car Crashes - May 7

But the accident was caused a human driving erratically in another car, not the AI vehicle.

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Motorist put on notice as new devices measure distance from cyclists - May 7

Twenty Canberra bikes have been fitted with devices that will track how closely cars are travelling to cyclists in a four-week study aimed at measuring compliance with the ACT's minimum passing rule.

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Australians will not buy electric cars without better incentives - May 4

The apparently inevitable rise of the electric car has prompted Australia’s top federal infrastructure advisor to warn of falling revenues from the petrol excise.

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Toyota to build a test track for self-driving cars - May 4

Toyota is going all-in on autonomous vehicles, announcing Thursday plans to open a center this year to test driving scenarios too dangerous to perform on public roads.

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Takata airbags being recalled after being 'fixed' - May 1

JANE Toakley is a model “recall citizen”. She should be, she’s had a lot of experience.

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Rio Tinto to almost double its autonomous drilling fleet in a drive to further improve safety and productivity - May 1

Rio Tinto is almost doubling its fleet of autonomous production drills in order to create a safer working environment and boost productivity across its world-class iron ore operations in Western Australia.

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Aussie farmers must prepare for robotic future, says USC academic - 1 May

Australian farmers are not prepared for a rapidly approaching robotic future, says USC information systems expert Associate Professor Don Kerr.

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These 10 electric SUVs will take on Tesla's Model X - 1 May

If electric cars are the auto industry’s future, SUVs represent its present. SUVs continue to take an increasingly large share of the global auto market, worrying those who support a movement toward higher fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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With flying cars coming, should we really be building new roads? - 30 April

The Government's pledged billions for new roads. Instead, they should consider flying cars for future infrastructure.

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